21 Chic Dark Cabinet Kitchen Designs

There are plenty of small choices that you’ll make when redesigning your kitchen, for example what kind of faucet for your sink, or whether or not to include a clock above the stove. But, there are a few large ones that you’ll have to make, perhaps none larger than the style of cabinetry that you’ll use. The cabinets, more so than anything else, serve to create the overall design aesthetic of the room. Light or dark, old or new, simple or ornate; there are so many choices, and so many ways the rest of your design will be influenced by the cabinetry decision you make.

While many will opt for lighter-colored cabinets in their kitchens these days, there are still plenty of good reasons to pick dark cabinets. They have a look and feel that’s all of their own, and can be balanced out nicely by other choices you make in your kitchen, as well as the choices that may have already been made – for example, the style and color of your flooring.

If you’ve been thinking that dark cabinets might be right for your kitchen, then come take a look at these 21 examples. You just may find the dark cabinets (and style) that are right for your kitchen at home!

Credits: Home Epiphany


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